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About Alex

CEO and Co-Founder

For as long as I can remember, I was always intensely curious about how things worked. I was that kid that surrounded himself with books at every opportunity that I could, completely immersed in the knowledge that was being shared by each author. This “latticework of knowledge” has served me well throughout my life and I continue to add to it on a daily basis.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering and an MBA, I started down the path of entrepreneurship building businesses in the Financial, TV/Film and Real Estate sectors. Each opportunity adding to my ever-growing knowledge base. Each opportunity exposing me to new people and new ideas. And then it happened…

While on a business trip to London, England in 2008, I was at a networking event when an internet entrepreneur introduced me to the unlimited potential of the interweb. He shared with me a whole new perspective of providing solutions to a marketplace of problems. That day challenged everything I knew about business and started me down the path of pursuing excellence in the digital world. 

Semper Fi Digital was created in the spirit of innovation and shared values. We strive to provide our clients with state-of-the-art solutions, constantly pushing ourselves to anticipate what is next in the ever-changing business landscape. We are committed to helping our clients thrive, in all market conditions.

About Elena

President and Co-Founder

“Non nobis solum nati sumus. Not for ourselves alone are we born.”

― Marcus Tullius Cicero

I have always been fascinated by current events and global issues. Having come into the world on the cusp of the technological revolution, I experienced life before the mass information sharing era, and now during it. I am particularly attracted to the positive forces of our interconnected world and the ways in which they are used for good.

I feel energy everywhere and I try to connect with the good vibes and release the bad. I believe releasing good energy into this universe means it may indeed come back to you and affect positive changes for all humankind. I desire to do good things and to leave this world better than whence I came.

Digital Love

Whether a story of a baby hearing his mama for the first time, a reunion of long lost twins, interspecies friendships, different cultures connecting across the globe, or mass information and content sharing, I am excited by the possibilities that arise from living in a “global village”.

Semper Fi Digital is a passionate team of empathetic humans who work hard to help businesses establish strong and meaningful connections and interaction with their customers and those who can influence a positive outcome for them.

I utilize my past education both in Canada and abroad as well as work experience with Stornoway Productions, Communications & Breakout Educational Network, to make meaningful connections between people and ideas, art, technology and business.

As Wayne Gretzky said, I believe that we really do miss 100% of the shots we don’t take! When you decide to work alongside Semper Fi, myself and my wonderful team become your partners.  As dedicated members of your team we are as devoted to your success as you are.

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