A Roadmap is a strategic plan that clarifies your starting point, your desired outcome and the steps you need to take in order to achieve it.

Why is Roadmapping Important?

Time and Money are limited Resources

Roadmapping helps you reduce the risk of bad decisions by answering all of the important questions and validating your strategy before investing the time and capital in your project or business.

The end result of this process is an action plan that will empower you to move forward efficiently and effectively.

The Roadmapping Process

The Tools

We utilize the platform and services by Strategyzer, used by over 5 million people worldwide to help our clients clearly understand their customers, create better products and services and grow their businesses. 

Step One: Your Environment

Understanding your business environment is a critical first step as it provides a specific context to model your business. The four main areas of your environment are (1) market forces, (2) industry forces, (3) key trends, and (4) macroeconomic forces. 

Step Two: Your Business Model

A business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value

The business model acts like a blueprint to execute the strategy. The nine basic building blocks are: (1) Customer Segments, (2) Value Propositions, (3) Channels, (4) Customer Relationships, (5) Revenue Streams, (6) Key Resources, (7) Key Activities, (8) Key Partnerships, and (9) Cost Structure.

Step Three: Your Customers

Your business’ success depends on creating value for your customer. This step is about designing and testing value propositions that deliver what your customers want. And because nothing in life stands still, it a process that should be ongoing in order to stay relevant to your customers over time.

Step Four: Your Roadmap

In this step, we bring all of the pieces together and create a roadmap to execute a strategy that creates and delivers value to your chosen customer segments, and capturing value for your business. 

Your roadmap must continue to evolve over time so that it is never out of date or obsolete in this rapidly changing world. 

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